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THE PRODIGY DANCE CREW - Directed by Kay More

Who is The Prodigy?

    The Prodigy is directed by Kay More and is based in Las Vegas, NV. The crew was established the summer of 2009 for the purpose of competing at Hip Hop International. Dancers in the crew range in age from 8-18yrs. The Prodigy is internationally competitive in both youth and adult divisions. They won World of Dance San Diego in the youth division in 2014 and 15. They won World of Dance Las Vegas in the youth division in 2014. They have a gold, silver and bronze medal in the jr division at the USA hip hop dance Championships in 2011,12,and 15. They are also 3 time world semi- finalists at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships and were invited to compete at the first ever World of Dance World finals in 2015. 

     Credits include dancing for Google, American Express, Puma, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Swagways , Revive Brand Co., Vitamin Water, IBM and more. Dancers have appeared on NBC'S America's Got Talent, and The Voice, Disney's Shake it up, Good morning America (featured in Silento's 'Watch Me' music video), and numerous local news programs including a FOX 5 promo for hit show 'Empire'.
     The idea of The Prodigy Dance Crew  is to embody the concept of a prodigy (a person endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities). Each dancer tries individually and collectively as a crew to manifest the greatest possible potential in themselves- not only in the field of dance but also in life. The approach of the crew is a Holistic one: 1. Train the physical body not only in dance but also in fitness and health, 2. Train the mind to be strong , clear and prepared, and 3. Train the emotional body to strive for balance and control in times of stress and high pressure.

THE PRODIGY- 2014 and 15 World of Dance San Diego Champions in youth division

The Prodigy Dance Demo 2015



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